More independent and motivated readers may be able to steer discussion on their own. It's a good idea to still use some strategeis like "Save the Last Word for Me," and double entry journals, but here's one example of an independent book club discussion form. This is something I adapted from a class taught by Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (who is coming out with a new book on book clubs and literature circles).

Book Club
The Pearl #1

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Group Discussion Topics: Below, summarize the points of discussion you had and who brought the question to the table.







Come up with one “real question” to consider over the next week of reading. Write it on a sticky note for your inside covers or bookmarks (wherever you’ll see it during the week) and then write it below.

Real Question of the Week:
The doctor is portrayed as a heartless, fat man who lives off wealth and has little compassion for the destitute natives. Assume that the doctor is not wealthy or fat, but poor and unable to provide for his own survival. Would it still be wrong for him (or her) to refuse treatment to Coyotito if Kino can’t pay?
Many doctors from Africa and Southeast Asia come to America to begin practice because they can make more money here. However, this leaves a severe shortage of doctors in the countries they come from. Do doctors have a higher duty to serve others with their skills, or are they free to make the best living possible like everyone else? How does your group propose to solve this problem?

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