external image 0618685502.01._SY190_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgGossamer
by Lois Lowry
Hougton Mifflin Books, 2006
140 pages

Annotation: Littlest One, one of those responsible for bestowing dreams upon humans, begins her training in a house occupied by an older retired woman and her dog. When John comes, she realizes he will need the best dreams she can find to withstand the assault of nightmare giving sinisteed.

Topics: dreams, fairies, family, foster care, abuse, divorce, sickness, recovery

Thematic Statement: Life can get better.

Range of Appeal: Grades 3 to 7, especially imaginative minds or fantasy readers, but the fantasy is still grounded in the "real world."

Plot: Littlest One is a fairy in training who bestows dreams on people and animals. Under supervision, she gives dreams to a women and her dog. The woman decides to become a foster parent for John who was abused and whose mother is working hard to turn her life around. Littlest One and her mentor take up the task of also bestowing dreams to John, but find that he is threatened by sinisteed, demented fairies who bestow only nightmares. They must create the best dreams to reinforce John's confidence and optimism.

Evaluation/Mini-rationale: Much more children's literature than young adult. Littlest One does go through a sort of coming of age as she finishes her training and at the end of the book is allowed to bestow dreams without supervision. The young adult reader might also relate to 8 year old John, as the book is almost two stories that are woven together between night and day. It might be a good book for a unit on family or on the mind.

Thought Questions: Where do dreams come from? How can they influence how we view our lives and the "real" world?

Additional Notes: