Catching Fire

external image 0545101417.01._SY190_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgCatching Fire
by Suzanne Collins
New York: Scholastic Press, 2009
391 pages

Annotation: Katniss has struggled to adjust to her new life after winning the annual Hunger Games for her district by staying alive in an arena where 22 other teens were trying to kill her. Peeta, her teammate and friend who has openly expressed his undying love has grown distant, and her hunting companion who looks to Katniss for more than just friendship has changed the tone of their weekly hunting trips, also less close than he was before. But on the eve of her and Peeta's victory tour through Panem, President Snow arrives unexpectantly and warns Katniss that her defiance of the Capitol by forcing two victors to the games could incite rebellion. If she cannot quell it on her tour, not Katniss, not her family nor her friends should consider themselves safe.

Topics: Oppression, rebellion, love.

Thematic Statement: Remember who the enemy is.

Range of Appeal: High school boys and girls.

Plot: Katniss and Peeta attempt to quell the rebellion on their tour, but only feed the fire. Even a desperate engagement between Peeta and Katniss doesn't help. Katniss considers fleeing the country with her family and friends, or inciting a rebellion in her own district as well. Unfortunately, neither option is completely feasible. To her horror, she learns that for the 75th anniversary of the games, the Capitol plans to reap tributes for the games from the victors of previous years; as the only female victor from her district, she must again fight for her life in the arena.

Evaluation/Mini-rationale: This futuristic and fast paced narrative does a good job of grabbing a reader's attention early on.

Additional Notes: Second book in The Hunger Games series.

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