external image 142310126X.01._SY190_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgBlue Bloods
by Melissa De La Cruz
Hyperion Paperbacks, 2006
302 pages

Annotation: Schuyler Van Alen is not part of the "in" crowd at the private high school for New York City elite she attends. When the most popular boy in school begins to take interest in her, Schuyler finds herself the center of her school's social scene. But when a fellow student and a supposedly immortal vampire is murdered, Schuyler decides to find out the truth - and in doing so puts herself in mortal danger.

Topics: social cliques, coming of age, mystery, fantasy, vampires, United States history

Thematic Statement: Be true to and believe in yourself.

Range of Appeal: High school students, a little more girls than boys due to discussions about shopping and shoes and the female protagonist. Students who are familiar with major clothing and shoe brands may benefit from that prior knowledge. Students familiar with the Fall of Lucifer/Paradise Lost may also benefit.

Plot: Schuyler is puzzled when Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, strikes up a conversation with her outside one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City. He invites her in, but she joins her friend Oliver at the club next door instead. On Monday, they arrive at school to discover that one of their classmates died over the weekend. Jack Force continues to periodically talk to Schuyler, and tells her that their classmate didn't die of a drug overdose, but was in fact murdered. When Schuyler is inducted into The Committee and finds out that she is actually a Blue Blood - a vampire - the murder takes on new meaning, because her classmate was also a vampire and therefore immortal. Schuyler, with the help of her friends, must find the killer before she too becomes a victim.

Evaluation/Mini-rationale: This is a good book for students who have caught on to the Twighlight craze but want to branch out. Also a good book for social outcasts for identifying with the protagonist.

Thought Questions: How are the vampires from the book different from the popular myth of vampires? Who are the antagonists in the novel? What is Mimi Force's role in the book?

Additional Notes: Masquerade is the sequel to this novel.